Analysis of a Wet Mop

Many characteristics determine the performance as well as the most appropriate use for a wet mop head. These include:

Wet Mop Heads

It is our objective to provide the customer with an extensive selection of wet mop heads designed to facilitate the satisfactory completion of any mopping task. From the economic cut-end cotton mop heads designed for basic floor cleaning, to the rayon blended finishing mop heads, we offer an array of products suitable for any task. A wide assortment of options and features are available to assist in that goal. These options include various yarn types and plys, colors, bands and scrub pads. To find sizes and materials, tailband, looped end construction, etc., please refer to our Price List for a complete listing. All of our mop yarns, cotton and rayon, are manufactured in part from recycled fibers.

Yarn Type

Certain yarns are better suited to a specified cleaning task than others. To get maximum efficiency and value from a wet mop, it’s important to select the right yarn for the job.


  • Most popular and economical yarn used
  • Recommended for general purpose mopping
  • Requires proper break-in period to remove oils
  • High tensile strength/durability
  • Excellent absorption (2 – 3 times its weight) and great retention properties
  • Will lint on initial usage or until thoroughly broken in
  • Available in 4-ply and 8-ply


  • Recommended for applying floor finish and disinfectants
  • Greater absorption (4-5 times its weight) than cotton but less retention
  • No break-in period but will shrink at high temperatures
  • Good tensile strength with minimal linting
  • Fast release promotes fast drying after use
  • Resists mildew and bacteria
  • Available in 4-ply and 8-ply


  • Combines the features and benefits of both cotton and rayon
  • Recommended for all purpose cleaning
  • Highly absorbent with no break-in period
  • Good tensile strength
  • Will lint slightly on initial use, or until thoroughly broken in
  • Available in colors and various types of construction
  • Available in 4-ply only


  • Recommended for the medical, health care industry
  • Assists in reducing bacteria and germs
  • Great absorption with no break-in period
  • Available in colors
  • Available in 4-ply only

Yarn Ply

This indicates the number of strands twisted together to make a single piece of yarn. More plys provide greater strength and more absorbency.


Mop heads range in size from the smallest of 6-8 oz. to the largest weighing 28-32 oz. Mop head size should be matched to the cleaning task, the mop wringer and the size of the person performing the task. In larger, more open areas, larger size mop heads are generally more efficient. In confined or obstructed spaces, smaller mop heads may be more maneuverable and easier to use.


Mop heads are available with a variety of headbands. The 1″ or 1.25″ narrow headbands are designed for use with the slide-on-style mop handles such as the janitor quick change or the plastic quick change. The 5″ wide headbands are best suited for use with the clamp style mop handles such as the “Jaws Mate”. Headbands come in various colors and materials such as cloth for narrow and mesh for wide. Mesh bands dry faster and offer some abrasive qualities for those hard to clean areas.


Wherever mop heads and handles must be differentiated by cleaning area or function, color-coding helps assure that mop heads are used in one area will not be used in others, helping to prevent cross contamination. Color-coding of mop heads is mandatory for HACCP compliance in restaurants, commissaries, food-processing plants and other food industry operations. In any industry it is an ideal way to insure “at-a-glance” that the right product is being used for the job.


We also carry specialty mop heads such as Lay-Rite and Super-Twist mop heads which incorporate a plastic injected molded cap that replaces a standard headband. The Lay-Rite mop head has a threaded bolt that projects out of the cap and is used in conjunction with the Lay-Rite mop handle. This allows for easy application and removal of the mop head. The Super-Twist cap is threaded to accept any handle with standard acme threads. Depending on the specific task, we have an answer to your need.

Mop Head Care

Proper use and care of mop heads will greatly lengthen their life and usage. Initially, proper preparation also enhances performance. We recommend that all wet mop heads be totally soaked in hot water and then wrung out prior to initial use. For best results, repeat this procedure several times. This is especially important with cotton mop heads.

If the mop head is launderable, we recommend washing in a mild bleach solution and then thoroughly rinsing in warm water. Do not dry mop heads, particularly rayon, in excessive high heat. We suggest slightly over 100 degrees F for best results. If these procedures are followed, you will realize significantly superior performance and longevity.