In response to an ever-increasing trend in the world to protect our natural environments, Greenwood Mop & Broom Inc. has made a focused effort to include in its product line items that are Eco-Friendly in content.

Based on the above premise, we offer two unique cleaning products for consumers to select when making informed ecological decisions. These include:

KPG (Keep the Planet Green) Deck Mops: This traditional wound style deck mop is made on a recyclable wooden dowel with PET yarn made from recycled plastic beverage containers. Attributes include:

  • Yarns made from 55% recycled PET content
  • Yarn fibers are comprised of both post-consumer as well as post-industrial waste material
  • Requires less energy to manufacture
  • Greatly reduces solid waste, in this case beverage containers, into land fills
  • Highly absorbent and dries more quickly than traditional yarns

Also, we have available to complement this mop a similarly eco-friendly broom. Its attributes include:

  • Plastic fibers made from recycled plastic materials
  • These fibers are derived in part from both post-consumer as well as post-industrial waste
  • Brooms are wound on eco-friendly recyclable wooden dowels
  • Plastic fibers are cleanable and more resistant to bacteria growth than traditional materials

While these may appear to be simple and even small contributors to our environmental challenges, we feel that every step taken by a manufacturer is a step in the right direction. The ultimate choices will be made by individuals but it is important to make such products available for those choices.

Greenwood Mop & Broom Inc. encourages you to “Clean Green”.