Green Cleaning as an Option

There has been tremendous discussion around the topic of “green cleaning” in recent times. Green cleaning is a concerted effort to employ as much sustainable and recyclable raw material content in the manufacturing process as possible. In fact, the use of previously recycled materials, especially yarns and resins, to make cleaning products is the initial stage in guaranteeing that a product is more environmentally friendly. At Greenwood Mop & Broom, we use that premise as a guideline when sourcing raw materials. Our mop yarns are comprised of materials ranging from a low of 25% – to as much as 80% recycled content. With our resin-based materials, e.g., brush and broom fibers and blocks, we require our injection molders to use the highest available percentage of regrind materials to make these items, without compromising the structural integrity or performance of said item. We also use Bamwood, an environmentally friendlier alternative to hardwoods, in the manufacture of many of our handle items. While we cannot make a claim that we are 100% Green, we can validate that through our concerted efforts, we have increased our percentages of recycled materials in product content on major portions of our product line.

Greenwood Mop & Broom, Inc. also incorporates an in-house approach to sustainability by recycling as much of our manufacturing by-products as possible. We crush and bale all corrugation which is then reused by cardboard manufacturers in their own production, thus providing them with renewable content. In turn, we can verify that a minimum of 30% of the corrugation in our boxes is made of recycled fibers. We have also gone to “tab closure” cartons in many of our packaging applications. These type containers dramatically reduce the need for adhesive tapes or staples during the finished goods process. Whenever possible, we use recycled wooden pallets instead of new ones to further minimize our footprint in the forests of the world.

In terms of our own product lines, we have increased our selection of Microfiber products to further enhance our “green strategy”. It is widely known that Microfiber cleaning reduces the volume usage of water as well as cleaning chemicals while providing greater absorption and greater cleanliness. The very composition of Microfiber products also increases their environmental value due to the fact that they can be re-laundered and used multiple times.

I have listed a few of our green initiatives above, but, I have to point out that this is not a one-time strategy. In order for our company, or any other, to contribute to a greener environment, our efforts must be intensified and repeated in wider aspects of our respective enterprises. We are up to the challenge and hope that you are as well.